Help > User Guide for Ring Back Tone service (RBT)

To enjoy using RBT service via Syriatel website and to replace your standard ring tone with a song of your choice, first you have to create your own account on using your GSM No and password.

How to create a new account?

Visit - “User Login” corner then press “Register”, a new window will open contains Phone Number and verification code.

Insert your GSM No. in the phone No. field then press “Obtain the Verification Code” to receive an SMS on your handset contains the verification code.

Use the verification code in its field then press “Register” to receive another SMS contains the needed password on your handset.

Note: the GSM No. entered in the Phone No. field should be nine digits as in the example (933222111).

How to browse and download RBT?

To browse or download a ring back tone on your mobile line, go to the “User Information” corner and insert your GSM No with the acquired password then press “login”.

By visiting “Brows RBTs” page you can listen, download or gift any song listed on “RBT list” as follows:

Press “Listen” to listen the song you want to download.

Press “Download” to download the preferred song on your GSM.

Press “Gift” to gift the chosen song to another GSM.

Note: the person you want to gift the song to, should be registered in RBT service too.

How to get details about the downloaded songs?

You can visit “My RBTs” page to know more details about the songs downloaded on your GSM number.

How to personalize your RBT?

1. To personalize a ring back tone to all callers: go to “My RBTs” page then

Choose “RBT settings”.

Click on "Easy Settings".

Select the RBT you want to personalize, then click "Ok".

2. To personalize a ring back tone for a specific person: go to “My RBTs” page then

Choose “RBT settings.

Click on “Advanced Settings”.

Press "Add" to chose the song you want to personalize.

Select “Personal RBT” from “Select an RBT setting type".

Enter the GSM number you want to personalize the song to.

3. To personalize a ring back tone for a group of callers:

First you have to create your own group then personalize the RBT to the group you created...

To create a group

Visit “My RBTs” page.

Go to “Group Management”.

Click “Add” to add your group.

Enter the group information and mobile numbers.

Click “OK”.

To personalize a ring back tone for the group you created

Go to “My RBTs” page.

Choose “Advanced Settings”.

Click “Add”.

Choose “Group RBT” from the “Select an RBT Setting Type”.

Choose the group name you have created.

Choose the RBT you want to set for this group.

Click “OK”.

How to manage your RBT account?

You can manage your RBT account via “User Info” page as follows:

To suspend and activate the RBT service temporarily Press “Activating or suspending your service account”, then press "OK".

To change the password press “ Changing your password”.

To cancel your subscription press “unsubscribing from the service”.